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Avanti Advanced Fulfillment - A Must See' em!
Avanti Advanced Fulfillment - A Must See' em!

Avanti Advanced Fulfillment is a powerful and fully-integrated module within Avanti’s Graphic Arts Management System. Advanced Fulfillment helps commercial print providers reach beyond print production, to managing the complex business of fulfillment.

Avanti Advanced Fulfillment includes a contract management system where print providers can easily manage and track their customers’ finished goods orders. It also includes a set of tools for print providers to manage the complex billing of a customer’s finished goods, including how the goods are stocked (by the unit/package/box/skid level detail), packed and tracked. This level of granularity ensures that the value of finished goods is properly accounted for. In addition, when releasing goods from inventory, the cost and price are based on FIFO (“First-in First-out”) principles, ensuring accurate billing at the time of release.

Key features include:

  • Bill on production – the ability to specify that an order is billed on production so that invoices are created automatically as the item is received into inventory.
  • The ability to specify the box and package information on the estimate which flows into the production order and, in turn, the receipt from production.
  • Tracking the receipt of inventory down to the unit, package, box and skid level.
  • Jobs for finished goods are automatically marked as release orders.
  • The price of the items on the job are based on the receipt of that item and the age of the receipt (FIFO).
  • The ability to easily set up and accurately bill, within the contract, charges for warehousing and customers’ finished goods.

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